Day one 20th of August 2020
Here is the arrival of the group to Amsterdam airport. We shall make pictures or call it photoshoot and welcoming the group. The we shall take them to apartment to rest and refresh from there we shall go for interview about their experience on the flight and they will tell us about the journey. How they won the contest and so on.

Day two 21st of August 2020
This day will start with a bike tour on the streets of Amsterdam going through the historical places like ANN FRANK, REMBRANDT,JORDAN, RED LIGHT ,RIJKMUSEUM ,VOND PARK etc. here we will be also taking pictures and making videos as well as narreting the tour. These pictures will be used in our magazine which we called mambo afro magazine to be out soon. And the videos will be on our tv programme which we call EKYAFFE MUKYAFFE.

Day three 22 of August 2020
Here we shall visit the HEINEKEN EXPERIENCE, ALBERT CUYP MARKET , AMSTERDAM ARENA ,and then we go for a video shoot at the westerpark studios. Here we shall be spend 4 hours making mambo wines advert and also t shirts. The products we have. From there we shall go for a film at pathy munt plien. That is in the evening.

Day four 23 of August 2020
This day will also be on the bike to the west side of Amsterdam. We shall visit THE OLIMPIC STADIUM AMSTERDAM, RAI BUSINESS CENTRE, and then go to RACE PLANET in sloterdijk. We shall be there for aleast one and half hours.

Day five 24 of August 2020
This day will begin by with taking a train to another big city called ROTTERDAM. Here we shall tour the city watching the best bridges and sky buildings as we taking photoshoots and narreting on videos.we shall also tour on the water bus and we shall also visit the water gates that privates the regulates water in the south. We shall come back and sleep in den haag.

Day six 25th August 2020
On this day we shall start by touring DEN HAAG and the tweede kamer ( perliament) and also checking the historical places in well as the china town. From there we shall go direct to the best beach in the country scheviningen beach. Here we shall do all our photoshoot for the magazine and we shall let the models enjoy the sun. there the end of the day week. We shall take the last train back to amsterdam.
Day seven 26th August2020
New week and the last week of the tour. We shall take a long trip to the north of the country and visit what makes NETHERLANDS a man made country. What we study at secondary schools. North sea water gates. DIJK . here we shall learn how the build the 40 kilometer bridge and also make videos and pictures.

Day eight 27th August 2020
This day will start with smartness as we shall be visiting the mayor of the great city amsterdam. Our main goal is to question him how Amsterdam city has managed to live with all kinds of people with weed or marijuana being legel and prosititution is ok to some extent. How do they do it to reduce the crime. This will be some educative discussion. It will be for about an hour or less. From there we shall visit the ugandan community in amsterdam where lunch will be taken and getting to know each other till late.

Day nine 28th August 2020 
We shall visit MTV studios in Amsterdam noord, there we shall see the art and also take a photoshoot and videos. From there we shall take a speed boat to Ijmouden and see visit the boat to uk. We shall come back to amsterdam with the train.

Day ten 29th August 2020 
This day we shall be just on shopping around Amsterdam shopping malls. H&M, ZARA, C&A as we shall be preparing to go back to kampala uganda and give our story of the tour. Put this in mind that this event will be every once in a year. Contest will be running for a period from jan to july in Uganda , Rwanda and any other country that will be join the brand.

Day eleven 30th August 2018

This will be the last day in amsterdam as the group will be going back to kampala. We shall drive to Amsterdam airport. There we shall say good bye and return to the flight.